Driving schools provide good knowledge of traffic rules, but once we get our hands-on steering, we forget most of the rules. Australia has expansive roads and freeways that make driving convenient. While driving in Australia people have to become familiar with the roads, signs, and rules.  The best way to learn driving in Australia is by seeking the help of a professional driving school or instructor in the area.

LTrent is a driving school located in NSW, Australia that provides a driver training program for all students. They started this school in 1969. With years of experience, they have now made a safe driving course for every individual. When you enroll with LTrent to learn driving, you get the best training program with knowledgeable trainers and efficient service.

Even if you’ve been driving for a year, obeying traffic rules is still important. In the last 5 years, around 100 people in Australia have been fined for hitchhiking. Many migrants often get confused with road rules in Australia and end up paying a huge fine. Here is the list of several acts that are considered illegal while driving in Australia –

  • Nobody loves litter inside a house, and similarly, your city is also your home. Therefore, when you throw litter like empty chips packet, bottles, banana peel, or apple core outside car window on roads, you can be fined severely.
  • You can honk your car horn only to alert other road users or animals while driving. Otherwise, people have been fined a hefty amount for honking improperly or while waving goodbyes to family or girlfriend.
  • You need to keep your windows closed with a gap of 5cm when you’re 3 meters always from your vehicle. Sounds strange, but people have been fined for not doing so in Queensland.
  • You can’t leave your car keys on ignition mode and leave the car even for a few seconds. This is illegal, unsafe, and wastage of gas.
  • Did you know that in Australia you can be fined if you pay through your phone on the driveway with your car ignition on? While paying keep the engine switched off and use handbrake before making payment from the phone.
  • ‘Don’t text and drive’ is a common slogan used in every country and we don’t need to tell you the consequences of course. Even holding the phone away from your face and keeping the speaker on while the car is stationary in traffic is also considered illegal.
  • Australian law says that the rego plate should be visible all day and night. If the rego plate on your bike, car, truck, or van isn’t working or emitting light, then you should refrain from driving, unless you have extra money to pay as a fine.
  • Don’t drive or block the path of a horse that is hard to control. So, if the horse owner or rider points a finger to his or her horse then leave that path, turn off the engine and stay as far as possible, until the horse isn’t far away.
  • Use the fog lights only when there is rain or fog or there isn’t proper vision due to smoke or dust.
  • Running a red light, not stopping on the stop signal, and overtaking or accelerating the passing vehicle is an offense and you can be severely fined by cops if you’re monitored.
  • Toddlers should always sit on a car seater made for kids, and pets should be seated in an appropriate area inside the vehicle. If kids or animals are found sitting on the lap of the driver, then the driver can be sentenced to six months of jail or fined.

Check your driving knowledge every six months by going through an online driving quiz. This helps in updating your knowledge and saving some money.

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