Anxiety is a normal response to taxing events in life like financial trouble, changing jobs, meeting a project deadline, etc. When anxiety starts to hinder your life, it is the sign of anxiety disorder. It is a debilitating condition, but manageable. Prescribed anti-anxiety drugs offer quick relief, but the risk of addiction increases. However, people are looking for natural alternatives. Recently, CBD has been in the limelight as an alternative anxiety disorder treatment.


Recently, clinical research associated with CBD and anxiety disorder treatment has increased. The accumulated evidence reports that CBD has the potential to treat anxiety. The majority of studies were on animals, but even human trials are emerging. However, there is a need for a wide human trial to understand the connection in a better way.

How to consume CBD oil for anxiety?

CBD oil helps anxiety management, but you need to learn different ingestion methods. Understand their pros and cons to make an educated decision about which form to consume.

Oils & tinctures

On Just CBD Store, you will come across CBD oil full spectrum and even tinctures, which are easy and quick to consume. Besides, the dosage calculation is accurate with a dropper. Cannabidiol extracts are infused into carrier oil like hemp or coconut to formulate CBD oil. Cannabidiol oil is infused in an alcohol base to prepare CBD tinctures.

It is a sublingual method, which allows the CBD to enter rapidly in the bloodstream. The kick in is within 10 minutes and will last for 3 to 4 hours.

Vape oils

Vaporizers are ideal for vaping CBD vape oils. Make sure that you purchase cartridges from state-licensed marijuana stores. Buying from unregulated sources increases the risk of getting a tainted product, which can be detrimental or fatal to your health.


You can add CBD oil in every food. It is a great way to consume. The CBD gummies are the all-time favorites. However, the results can take more than one hour to kick in. Oral bioavailability can delay the absorption of CBD as it has to go through the GI tract before it gets metabolized in the liver. So, a limited amount of CBD reaches the circulatory system. Make sure to buy CBD edibles at the state-licensed dispensary.


If you need instant relief, smoking is the best way. The cannabinoid is directly passed to the alveoli in the lungs. From here, the molecules get absorbed rapidly in the bloodstream. The downside is that measuring CBD dosage is complicated, and smoking also causes lung inflammation.

Dosing tips

Basic factors to consider, while determining CBD dosage is –

  • Metabolism
  • Bodyweight
  • CBD concentration
  • Severity of anxiety disorder

Besides, at different dosage levels, CBD can trigger different things. For example, at high levels [300 mg] CBD promotes sleepiness and relaxation. At low levels, CBD incites alertness and wakefulness. This phenomenon is called bidirectional effects. Great way to avoid such effect is to ‘Start Low & Go Slow’

Adjust the dose slowly, monitor your response, and slowly increase. Everyone’s tolerance and ideal dosage level differ and start low & go-slow mantra will help you to enjoy maximum benefits without any concern about side effects.

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