Insolvency is a terrible phase for any company. It happens when the company faces extreme financial difficulties. In such a case, the director of the company is responsible for amassing company debt. They are mostly held accountable for failure of the company and carry out the necessary tasks to overcome or deal with this situation.

In this article, we will tell you how does the company’s director is impacted by liquidation

Impact on the director due to insolvency of the company

As the director, it is important to act in the best interest of the firm, its creditors as well as its shareholders. If the unlawful and unethical acts of the company have led to the liquidation of the company, then he is personally accountable for all the debts sustained on behalf of the company. 

In acute circumstances, it is also possible that the personal assets of the director can also be seized. This scary situation can bring a lot of damage to the financial state of the director. Insolvency Experts is a leading company that offers services of liquidation Australia. The company has years of experience in placing an insolvent firm into liquidation.

What are the potential repercussions of entering into liquidation?

Here are some of the key consequences related to liquidation. 

Loss of Director Powers

The director of the insolvent company loses its power when the registered liquidator is appointed and the members and directors’ resolutions are passed. In this way, the company officially enters into the state of liquidation. 

This is the point when the decision-making abilities of the director get suspended. Now the appointed liquidator will take charge of the company’s affairs that includes the assets of the company as laid out as per the Section 477 of the Corporations Act.

On breaching the duty of directors, and operated unethically, directors are personally liable for all the debts sustained by the company. Directors are needed to assist the liquidator throughout the process of liquidation by providing them with the necessary supporting documents, such as records, and books. 

Personal assurance to protected creditors

In most of the cases, the personal assets of the director are safeguarded during the process of liquidation. A director should know that any loan like a home equity loan, which has been drawn with a personal guarantee, can lead to personal liability. 

If the firm is not able to repay the loan, then the creditor can exercise a direct claim on the underwriter as well as on their personal assets. Even if the firm is liquidated you may still be liable for the debts. The best means to prevent this occurrence is to not sign any loan with a personal guarantee.

Insolvent Trading

Insolvent trading is referred to as continuing trading and incurring further debt after getting insolvent. By doing this, the director commits an acute miscarriage of the duties while still being financially accountable. 


It is evident that the director of the insolvent company faces a lot of financial and legal difficulties. In this situation, it is important to understand the available options. By understanding duties and working in accordance with the Corporations Act, you would not need to worry about personal liability. 

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