Everybody likes weekends, it’s true. After a long weekday work, you can enjoy the weekends with dinner and night parties. If you have a bar within your home that not only helps to lighten your mood but also helps to entertain your friends or relatives as well.

There are various bar design styles and shapes, you can complete it with different type of lighting products. You can also alter bar lighting that match with your style and taste.

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If you want to lighten your bar in a unique style the following ideas will definitely inspire you.

Ideas for bar lighting

You can use several kinds of lighting applications to make your bar feel inviting, glamorous, and complete. Choose perfect lightings depending on your needs and bar design.

Pendants – The common lighting fixtures used over bar counter are pendants. You can find pendants in a wide range of shapes, shades, sizes, bulb types, and cord options on the market. Also, you can choose multi-pendant lightings over single pendant lighting.

Pendants are great conversational lighting elements that not only provides flexibility but also they are ambient light settings as well. You can choose gold color pendants with matching furniture for a luxury ambience.

Chandeliers – A chandelier grabs the attention of visitors definitely. You can use an amazing chandelier at the centre of your bar like a raindrop crystal chandelier to highlight your bar. You can also compliment your bar with decorative leaf designed elements, but you have to use leaf ornamented lighting fixtures.

Wall lightings – You can create a classy look in your bar by using wall lights and chandelier that matches with the entire ambience perfectly. If you want to fill an extra wall with lightings, then wall lightings are a great way. Also, wall sconces add more ambient lighting in your bar.

Lightings for your liquor showcase – You can create dramatic centralized lighting from ceiling to on the top of your liquor showcase with mini-recessed lightings. You can make use of linear and LED lightings for over or under cabinets and shelves.

Moreover, LED discs and puck lights are a good lighting source to highlight specific areas of your liquor showcase. For instance, you can use LED strips on an opaque or clear counter top to make the look of your bar exclusive and stunning.

Also, you can choose LED lights to use on the edges of all the steps around bar. Usually, these kind of lighting fixtures are used in bars to avoid accidents like slip as well as fall.

There are many vendors who sell latest lighting products online, choose the best supplier and order your favorite lighting fixtures depending on your bar design to make your bar more attractive.

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