Traveling abroad is one of the most exciting parts of everybody’s life. But, even if you’ll just be away for a couple of days, you still need to plan and take care of things before you go on your trip – specifically your car.

You need to make sure your vehicle’s in good hands during your absence. To help you with that, below are some tips about places where you can leave your auto before you set out on your adventure.

Your Garage

The simplest thing you can do with your vehicle is to park it at your garage when you’re away. Make sure you clean the place. See to it that there are no pests that could creep inside your auto, as they may cause damage to it. Lastly, shut the entryway of your carport to protect your unit from the elements.

Once done, you can ask a friend or a relative to drive you to the airport and take you home when you return. Taking the cab is also an option, but it can be expensive if you live far away from the terminal.

With Your Family or Friend

If you don’t like the idea of leaving your car in your garage, you can always ask a relative or a friend to look after it, especially if you’ll be away for a week or more. You’d want to ensure that someone you trust and who is responsible is taking good care of your precious vehicle.

You can also lend your vehicle to a friend who needs a ride. Just remember that even if it’s someone you know and trust, you’ll have to assume some risks. Whoever’s going to use your car is covered by your insurance. Know that any damage or accident acquired can put a dent in your premiums.

At the Airport Parking Lot

Another option is to leave your car at the airport. If you’re going with this, you’d have to book a space and reserve one at least days earlier than your flight. If you don’t, you’ll spend a lot of time driving around the lot to find a spot. The downside is, the cost can be pricey if you’re leaving during the peak travel season.

If you want something affordable, your best bet is to search online for a company that provides an offsite parking space. Choose one that offers a free shuttle service, so you won’t have to worry about how you and your luggage can get to the airport. Rest assured that your auto will be safe from break-ins as it’ll be under surveillance 24/7.

Tip: Remove all valuable stuff from your car, whether you’re placing the auto in your garage or handing it over to a friend or the airport parking in SeaTac.

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