A chandelier not just brightens the room but adds a style statement and ambiance. However, it is essential to choose the right chandelier design not just for the living room but also for the dining area. You get a plethora of options but there are several things to consider including the overall design aesthetic, fixture size & height, brightness, etc.

The dining room is a symbolic space within a home, where the dining table is the core point of family togetherness and bonding. So, what size chandelier for dining room you need to choose becomes the main concern. A small round chandelier can get lost easily in a spacious room and fail to serve as a solid design element. On the other hand, a large pendant can overpower a small dining room. Besides size, light direction and output also count.

Overall design aesthetic

Your personal preference is the first aspect to consider. What kind of look do you wish to achieve? Do you desire a contemporary or transitional look? Do you want a traditional bowl-shaped chandelier or something outside the norm? Crystal chandeliers look traditional but the ones designed from glass & chrome spread a modern vibe. If you prefer an industrial look, opt for an iron chandelier. Determine your style!

Layer light

Avoid chandelier creating a lot of uncomfortable glare or the one that is underlit. Determine the functions in the dining room because in some homes the room is multi-functional. The table is used as an office, for décor, for storage and not to forget dining. Families with kids choose to do their lessons on the dining table. It will help you determine whether you will need to add some layer lights like recessed down-lights, accent lights or wall sconces.

Size & height

The scale is essential because too-small gets lost in a large room, while too-big chandelier overwhelms the space. If you still haven’t purchased dining room furniture, then the simple rule is to add the room’s length and width. The result will be the correct diameter size of a chandelier. E.g. a 10 foot by 12-foot dining room will need a chandelier having 22” diameter [10+12].

In case, you have a dining table then the chandelier’s size needs to be proportionate to the table instead of the room. The standard is that the chandelier has to be ½ to 3/4th of the table width.

If you are planning to hang 2 to 4 chandeliers over the dining table then divide the width of the table with the number of chandeliers and add one to the diameter of each chandelier. For a 72” long table, you wish to hang 2 chandeliers, so 72/2+1 = 24”. It means hang each one 24” from the table end.

For correct hanging height, the bottom of the chandelier has to be around 30” to 32” above the dining table. It is an ideal range for illuminating the dining table surface without causing an eye glare or blocking views of one another sitting around.

Illuminate it up

Casting right light illumination is crucial to create an ambiance in the dining room. It is crucial to avoid harsh light coming from direct or functional lighting. A soft and warm glow over an ideal feast is perfect. Add a dimmer switch because you can adjust the illumination, whenever necessary. Shades can be used for softening lights.

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