Water damage happens for many reasons. Plumbing leaks, broken sump pumps, heavy rainfall, and flash floods are examples of problems that can leave your home a wet mess. When your home has serious damage, you need professional water damage restoration in Ocean City, MD. Here are some things you need to know about restoration services.

Different Methods  Used for Different Types of Damage

When water gets into your home, it comes in the form of clean, grey, or black water. Determining what type of water has damaged your home matters in terms of the equipment used and the extent of the restoration process. Dirty water falls into the following categories:

  • Clean water originates from a sanitary source with little or no health risks if a person comes into contact with it.
  • Grey water comes from dishwashers, toilet bowls, and washing machines and even rainwater that gets into the house.
  • Black water can contain fecal matter and even toxic chemicals.

Homes that have clean water damage in Ocean City, MD, might need minimal restoration services to dry out the room. On the other hand, flooded homes require a large-scale cleaning operation that could take several weeks to restore fully.

Professional Restoration vs. DIY Restoration Services

After a flooding incident at your home, you might want to save money by cleaning up the water yourself. If the water damage is small and contained to a single area, using wet/dry vacuum to clean up the water and fans to dry the area is possible. However, it’s highly recommended to have professionals come in and give you an assessment of the damage. Often, homeowners don’t realize all the ways that water can penetrate their home. For example, your hardwood flooring might appear dry, but underneath it’s a soggy mess. Overlooking water damage like this leads to mold growth and structural damage.

How to Pay for Restoration Services

The first question many homeowners ask is if their homeowner’s insurance will cover restoration costs. Homeowners need to refer to their individual policy and speak with their insurance company for clarification on what their policy pays out. In general, insurance will pay for damages caused by acts of nature such as a heavy thunderstorm that caused damage to a roof and subsequent water damage. They don’t usually cover water damage caused by faulty plumbing.

If you have questions about water damage restoration in Ocean City MD, call a local restoration company with a reputation for quality service and great customer service.

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