If you are a music fan who listens to all kinds of music genres, then you can’t miss the Beale Street music festival of Memphis. To attend such grand scale fabulous music, you need to prepare yourself and do prior arrangements. Like you there will be millions of music fans loving to be in the Beale Street during the music festival season.

Firstly, know about Beale Street music festival:

It is popularly known as Mud Fest. Yes, quite an interesting name for the most enjoyable music season where legendry musicians lure mass of people to forget their worries and soak their body and mind in music.

Mud fest is held in the first weekend of May month every year. Mostly this time the town is wet by continuous rain may be that is the reason the festival got its peculiar name, ‘Mud fest’. To enjoy the weekend to the fullest, it is best to know the right ways to adapt in surviving in the midst of the crowd.

Here are few pointers to help you:

  • Let us start from the way you need to dress.
    • Wear casual dress you will be quite comfortable to wear.
    • Don’t forget sunglasses, rain coat, ponchos and hat even if you feel it won’t be sunny.
    • Best to wear rain boots or your old boots, as sure it is going to become muddy. It will be slippery paths, thus avoid flip flops and sandals.
    • Have another set of dress and shoes in your car, for you to change if you get wet or dress seems to be muddy.
  • Cosmetics you need to have with you.
    • Sunscreen, as it will keep you safe from getting tanned by sun rays. Remember most of the fest programs are conducted in open space.
    • Hand sanitizer, don’t forget, as surely you will need while using public toilets.
    • Moisture rich wipes helps in keeping you fresh under the hot sun and while walking in the dusty streets.
    • Toilet papers are must as you never know whether public toilet places management may have provided the paper roll.
  • Other things need to carry:
    • Don’t forget to bring cash, there may be ATM units, however can’t be sure of cash present in it. Surely to have ready cash will be more helpful to pay bills for your food and small things you like to buy from souvenir shops.
    • Bring light weighted rugs or blankets to sit on as there won’t be any chairs provided to sit on the grounds.
  • Tickets is a must:
    • You need to have stamp of the authorities to go in as well stamp for re enter. Often people forget to do while they move out of the arena in the midst of break time.

Enjoy Memphis tour and have the most lifetime enjoyable moments in the music show. To know more about the hotel bookings and for pre booking tickets log on to https://wearememphis.com/play/events/.  There you will get to know all the information about touring Memphis and the events likely to take place during your visit.

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