To own or build any land property legally, you need a land surveyor who helps to do the process rightly. The job of land surveyor is to measure the land asset rightly and to identify the quality of the land to know whether it is fit to buy it.

The land surveyor has expertise in his work, but choosing the right reliable land surveyor among a number of them will be a difficult task. If you fail to appoint the best land surveyor, you may end up buying a land that is priced high or there may be issues later on that the land may affect the building you have built on it.

How to find the most suitable land surveyor?

  • Ask for reference. Someone known to you must have appointed land surveyor in the recent past. You can ask them to give reference, if they were satisfied with the professional land surveyor work. You can even search online where you get dual benefit of getting contact details of many reputable land surveyor and able to view unbiased comments of their earlier clients.
  • You need to check foremost, if the land surveyor has license to conduct the required survey, otherwise appointing them will be a waste of time as no legal office will accept the land surveyed documents without the authorised seal of licensed land surveyor.
  • Have an initial meeting with the chosen few land surveyors providing service in your locality. You can clear your doubts by asking them about their creditability, the process involved in the survey to be done perfectly, the fees to be paid and the time taken for the survey to complete. Mainly the cost depends upon the exact work entitled to be done by the land surveyor like to just measure the boundary and fix the stakes or to prepare the land map for to construct building on the land.
  • Know how they do their work. Highly professional land surveyors use modern equipment like metal marking tools and accurate measuring devices. To utilise modern devices of accurate measurements that help you to easily identify the dimensions of your land, no disputes to be faced later over the distribution of land among the family members or have fight with your neighbours for improper marked boundary of your land.

Your appointed land surveyor will require certain information from you to do their work efficiently. There queries may be like the location of the land, the name of its owner, sales deed if any, is there survey map owned by your neighbour, the reasons for the survey to be done and whether you will like to have the whole survey process done in writing and map to be drawn of the land or you need only the accurate measurements to show the legal authorities.

Many people shy away from doing land survey, however regret afterwards when they need loan keeping the land asset for surety or when they face legal action. Hence, best to pay reasonably to expert licensed land surveyor to be free from any doubts about the land you are purchasing or own. Ask expert’s advice who are available on popular land surveyor websites like au.

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