You may think you’ve done everything possible to insure your family’s safety. You’ve had a title search done on your home when you purchased it and found no outstanding liens. You’ve properly insured the home and its contents. You have the proper amount of life insurance. You’ve taken out coverage to protect your identity from theft. But there’s another problem looming that you probably haven’t considered. The FBI has named title fraud one of the fastest-growing crimes in America. This can happen when someone acts on your behalf without you being aware of it. They can take ownership of your home and property for financial gain, or they can place liens against your home from contractors or past due HOA fees, which can affect your home’s clear title. The only way to circumvent these problems is by having your home monitored daily by a company specializing in a property fraud alert.

How Does It Work?

When you enlist the services of a property fraudulent alert company, they will research county and courthouse records monthly and report any new documents filed against your home in a monthly report to you. Since early detection is key to a proper outcome, the company can help detect fraudulent activity as soon as possible and help you clear up any problems. The fraudulent alert company will help you with fraudulent resolution, consultation, and education to prevent these circumstances from happening again. Since your home is your most significant asset, it pays to work with a company who will provide peace of mind to you and your family. If fraudulent is discovered, the company will help you understand the documents which have been filed, and help you with resolution, using a team of in-house lawyers, who will help straighten out any fraudulent activity against the title to your property. By properly educating you on the types of liens that can be placed on your property, and monthly monitoring of suspicious activity, you can safeguard your home’s title.

What to Look For

Work with a company who is able to perform title searches and help resolve any findings with an in-house legal staff. Look for a company who offers a risk-free trial, offers monthly rates, and a fair cancellation policy. Read their customer testimonials, and find out how many subscribers they have. These are all important considerations when looking for a company who offers a property fraud alert

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