There is nothing more terrifying than being charged under a criminal offense. If you are a first-time lawbreaker, it is very obvious to become terrified. As people generally have less experience in dealing with matters related to police, they are confused about how to handle the case.

In those cases, the assistance of a competent criminal lawyer would be the best course of action. Before you meet a lawyer, here are few important tips that would assist you in making the most of your first meeting with the lawyer.

Why should you hire a criminal case attorney for your case?

If you are alleged with a criminal case crime, then having a strong defense attorney by your side will make your task a lot easier. You will get mental peace and surety that your case is in safe hands and will be handled well.

The right selection of the attorney assures optimal results for the case. GoodMan Criminal Lawyer is an experienced and recognized criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prior to the first meet

Your attorney has to be in touch with you. So, he will make a note of the contact information to assist in the filing purpose. He will ask about the professional and personal background as it is a critical aspect of a criminal defense strategy. You may be required to write all that about yourself that would aid your attorney in dealing with the case.

Bring all the documents as needed by the court or police. The other important documents are videotapes, bail papers, tax records, pictures, copy of police report, etc. Some criminal defense attorneys will also provide you a questionnaire to facilitate and speed up the process.

Important questions that you must ask your attorney

A reputed and genuine criminal lawyer would understand the curiosity and apprehension among their clients. They would be willing to clear all the doubts pertaining to themselves and the case. We have provided a few questions that you must ask the attorney.

  • What more information would you need to evaluate my case?
  • What is your experience with this charge, or any other similar crimes?
  • How long is it going to take to get the verdict?
  • How will you help in preventing any damage to this case?
  • What options do you think should help in the resolution of the case and its resolution?
  • What is your best-case and worst-case scenario in your opinion?
  • What is the best approach do you think to form an effective defense strategy for my case?
  • How much fee will you charge for the filing, hearing of the case, etc.
  • Will you handle the case on your own or involve any other attorney in the case?


The best method to create a good impression is to be prepared and contribute to your case. All these tips will definitely help inexperienced people to find, meet, and learn the right way to work with a criminal attorney.

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