Initially, people could explore books and magazines to get inspiration for interior designs. Today, the internet has taken the trend and is the critical source of information. Thus, as a business owner, it means that potential customers are browsing Google daily to get inspirations for interior designs.

Therefore, when you think of starting an interior design business, the critical question to ask yourself is, how are you going to reach your potential clients? The best way is by digital marketing. Smithers of Stamford is one of the companies that has utilized this aspect of digital marketing in their marketing strategies. It has helped them displaying their work, attracting more visitors, getting leads and also meeting their potential clients.

The article thus looks at the various digital marketing strategies that you can utilize to gain more leads and therefore, profits.

Use social media

One of the great ways of staying connected with your target audience is through social media. Therefore, you should ensure that you are creating a free account. You can then make uploads of your best project photos that have that charming appeal on Facebook or Instagram. You can add to it some exciting content to ensure you are grabbing your follower’s attention.

When your posts and photos are attractive, then you can be sure of more shares which could bring about more followers.

Maintain your reputation

The fact is that your clients are the ones who will help in the creation of the essential marketing content for your business and not you. The reviews your clients give will work as an assessment for your efforts. So ensure that you delight your customers with your quality work to get reviews. Also, you can consider asking your customers to leave their comments. Monitor these comments and ensure that you give feedback to any enquiries and questions.

Build an effective website 

When it comes to digital marketing, there are several marketing channels. But the first point of interaction between the leads and businesses is through the functional sites. Your website will act as your spot for showcasing what you have. Therefore, you can consider using infographics for more explanations of what you have. Remember an impressive website, will always help to turn your business ideas into successful brands.

Utilize the power of video 

One of the most ranking strategies today is incorporating videos into your marketing plan. Therefore, ensure that you try improving the appeal of your brands with creative videos. Ensure that the video has an introductory part. Ensure that you display your designs through visual mediums to enhance your profile and visibility.

More so, you can choose to share the videos on the other social media platforms. It will help in the driving of more traffic to your business website.


For your interior design business, the above are some of the useful digital marketing tips you can choose incorporating. Companies like Smithers of Stamford have utilized these strategies to the maximum. That is why they have found their way to improving their ranking on search engine results and getting great benefits.






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