Live in Menlo Park and want the best education from preschool to primary school for your child? Look no further as we have brought for your child the best he could receive right next to its neighbor, Stanford University. Phillips Brooks, the Independent School in Menlo Park, is the one choice you can be assured you won’t regret once your child finishes their education here. It provides a fully child-centered co-educational program for your child and consists of everything that a child needs to start their educational path.

Why it’s the best

Student and the faculty consist of individuals from nearly each and every community and couldn’t possibly be more diverse, giving your child the necessary exposure he/she to move forward in life. Here at this independent school in Menlo Park, the educators are the most highly and efficiently trained, and we here, hire only the best of the best. The deficient student to teacher ratio present enables the child to have as much interaction with the teacher as possible, allowing both of them to know each other, which would help in grooming the child very well.

Teaching Methods

Our teaching methods are the best of the best as we believe in engaging each and every individual in creative, play-based, hands-on projects which efficiently improve their thinking ability and problem-solving skills along with the other countless advantages of it. Be it visual art, STEM, music, modern languages, or maths, each and everything is covered here at our Independent School in Menlo Park, all thanks to our research-based K-5 program.

The Right Investment

Our tested Emotional Intelligence Program will set your child to be an eager learner for the rest of his/her life and will stop at no obstacles to achieve what he/she wants. Your child will be in the safest hands, and you can be assured that you couldn’t be more proud of what he might become if he’s given the appropriate environment to grow in like that of our very own independent school in Menlo Park, Phillips Brooks School. If you want to invest, make sure that it’s in the right place so that everyone ends up being satisfied. Phillips Brooks School is the school for the future as it has proven to be in each and every way in the past.

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