The concept of “white label web design” is not new. Virtually every design software has basic web page templates and every software application, from email to presentations and spreadsheets, has white-label templates that can be incorporated into a web design strategy. What is different is the sophistication of a white label web design package and how it can help your business.

Development Savings

The easiest way to assess the benefits of using white label web design services is in the savings that are experienced, almost immediately, in development costs. If you design your own web site from the ground up, you have to pay for the creative, IT, management and marketing aspects of your development strategy. With a white label web design package, you pay for the marketing of your web site; everything else is covered by the company providing the white label package.

Streamlined Review and Approval Processes

Another advantage of a white label web design package is that the often frustrating process of getting everyone on the same page is all but eliminated. A white label web format is “bare-bones” in that you are buying a generic template that you can then modify to suit you or your customer’s business needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Whether you are using your white label web site design as your corporate interface to the world or marketing it to potential customers for their own use, a white label web site uses tried and tested interfaces, reports, tools, and databases. These can be customized to meet your client’s needs or to give them an experience with your site that is seamless, informative and fun.


White label products are already tested, integrated and “shelf-ready.” That makes branding them simple. If you are using the white label web site as your business’ web site, your customers see a professional, seamless web portal that allows them to quickly navigate to the information they want to see. If you are using the white label web site design as a general template to sell to customers, all you have to do is place your brand or logo appropriately on the product and start offering it to clients.

The concept of using a white label web design at first glance might seem odd, especially for companies that pride themselves on innovation or originality. When, however, you consider that chances are very good you are already using white label products and the white label design saves time and money, pleases customers and makes branding easy, it becomes a “no-brainer.”

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