As a homeowner, you know there’s always some part of the house that needs your attention. Some projects, like a kitchen remodel, are big and take time to save for. They also will turn your house into a construction zone for as long as six weeks. If you don’t want to go to that extreme just yet, you should consider another option. Applying paint to either an exterior or an interior wall will instantly refresh your home’s appearance and will not take an excessive amount of time. While it is tempting to try to paint your home yourself, you should only do so if you have the proper tools and equipment to do the best job. If you want the job done right and quickly, hire professional painters in Marietta.

What Company Should You Choose?

Since anyone with a paintbrush can call themselves painters, you want to take seriously the credentials of the company. Look for a full service company who can paint both the interior and the exterior of the home, and who use the highest quality paint. The company should be fully licensed and insured, should offer a five year warranty on their work, and they should be locally owned and operated. Even though they offer up-front pricing, they should not ask for any money until your job is completed. They should have a comprehensive website with testimonials from satisfied customers, and should have a good rating with a local business organization, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Check other independent websites as well, in order to get unbiased testimonials about the company.

What Else Is Important?

Other than the quality of paint, you want to understand the type of prep work the company will do to prepare the walls for paint. If you are having the exterior painted, they should begin with a pressure wash treatment, followed by scraping of any loose paint. They should prime the walls where needed prior to paint being applied. If you are having interior walls painted, you want any cracks in the walls repaired first, priming where needed, and you want the trim work taped off to assure of a crisp border. They should cover the floors and any furniture covered or removed from the room. They should also use proper scaffolding, and should leave the job site clean and neat. These are a few things to consider when choosing painters Marietta

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