Nowadays, CBD is available as gummies, pills or beauty creams, and Americans have spent almost $360 million on various products related to this cannabis in 2017. Many of them claim that it can boost health and has all benefits of weed without the paranoia.

What is the basic difference between THC and CBD?

Both of the above are found in cannabis plant which means either hemp or marijuana—both are using CBD whose full name is cannabidiol, can be a far cry from just smoking weed.

THC or also called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD is cannabinoid—its molecule helps the working of the endocannabinoid system within us, that regulates our mood, inflammation, sleep cycle, immune response, and much more.

However, unlike THC, this CBD is not at all intoxicating. In fact, in other words, by consuming CBD you cannot get high at all according to chief scientific officer for the company called Ananda Hemp, which is a Kentucky-based brand for health and wellness specializing in various CBD products that are generally available in any CBD store near me.

However, both THC and CBD are quite safe, but arguably CBD is safe for number of reasons.

CBD will not influence your cognition or motor skills, so you may use CBD and also can drive your car. You can also get through the day at your office without causing any of your coworkers to raise their eyebrow.

While consuming THC in any joint or by using vape pen, or consuming gummy may leave you feeling paranoid. Actually, CBD is an anxiolytic which means it will nix anxiety and also is anti-psychotic.

THC and CBD both come with few potential therapeutic benefits but they usually work in little different ways. THC will decrease the perception of your pain, while CBD may act as anti-inflammatory.

CBD can also alone can treat your severe epilepsy while THC, will be better at alleviating certain HIV-associated cachexia or chemotherapy-induced anorexia, as it will increase appetite.

Though CBD may help you in nausea, it will not make you to eat a bag of Doritos.

Is CBD legal?

Answer is both “Yes” and “No”. From the legal angle, it is a very complex subject because it will depend on the source of your CBD product. CBD will be legal at federal level only when it is derived from any U.S.-grown hemp which has hot a license/permit under Farm Bill.

If your CBD is imported from overseas or it is derived out of the marijuana plant, then technically it is not federally legal. A cannabis plant can either be hemp or marijuana, based on how much amount of THC is present in it.

Usually, hemp has 0.3% THC or even less by weight if harvested, while marijuana may have more than 0.3% THC by weight, still federally it is illegal.

Things have become further complicated as few states have made restriction on CBD sales, hence even if your purchased product was obtained from the federal legal hemp, its legality where you may be living may vary by state.

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