There is so much fun in having a boat. You can indulge in water sports and fishing at your convenience in your favourite spot. Taking good care of your boat and storing it safely is important. When the boat is not in use, it should be stored safe either in a garage or a storage facility.

Make informed decisions when choosing a storage method as it will directly influence domestic bliss and resale value of your boat. Check out the website of Nautical Ventures if you are looking for boat storage in North Palm Beach. They offer a wide range of professional services. You can be guaranteed that your boat is in good hands.

Benefits of using the services of boat storage facility:

  • Security: Boats are expensive which calls for highly secure ways of storing them. Most boat storage companies have surveillance cameras, security guards, perimeter counseling, alarms and security personnel working round the clock. Your mind would be at ease knowing that your boat is safe.
  • Features and Convenience: There are storage facilities that come with additional secure features for the convenience of the boat owners. Some offer coded access and easy motorway access.
  • Saves space: Unless you have ample space in your home to store your boat which is less likely especially with larger boats, using a storage facility is a good option. If you are going to be using your boat only once in a while, you can rather store it in a separate facility.

Storage Units:

A commercial boat storage facility offers indoor and outdoor storage options. It is convenient for those who don’t have the space to store their boat in their garage. Storage units offer high security.

Outdoor storage: The uncovered spaces are comparatively less expensive but the boat is susceptible to structural damage owning to weather, leaves, moisture and debris. In cold climates, shrink-wrapping is done to protect the boat. The covered parking spaces usually have canopy-like covers to provide overhead protection to boats.

Outdoor storage is a good option when on a budget. It offers easy access than indoor storage but it scores low on protection but is not suited in areas where it snows or rains often.

Indoor storage: Indoor storage offers more protection from weather and vandals. Its advantages include:

  • Secure: Storage units with indoor boat storage come with security systems, locks and alarms to prevent someone else from accessing your boat.
  • Protection from elements: Your boat would be free from dirt, mildew and dust buildup. It won’t be exposed to bad weather either. The boat stays in good condition for next use.
  • Plenty of space: Most storage units let you work on your boat at your designated spot. You have ample space available to fix it.
  • Climate controlled storage: Climate controlled units maintain the temperature and humidity constant thus preventing the boat from getting exposed to extreme temperatures.

Dry-stack storage: Your boat is hauled away safe from rough weather and is placed on a boat rack using a forklift. It is a good storage option when easy access isn’t your main concern.

There are many options for storing your boat securely. Weigh all the options available and choose one that suits your requirement.

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