You may have heard of hibiscus or even seen pictures of this notable flower, but perhaps you don’t truly know too much about it. The hibiscus plant grows large flowers with colorful petals. It has a rich history that encompasses the entire globe. Hibiscus in Georgia is grown and sold for uses from eating and drinking to decorating. A quick search for “hibiscus for sale near me,” can point you in the right direction. In the meantime though, take a quick dive into these interesting facts about Hibiscus.


Hibiscus flowers are often referred to in connection with Hawaii. However, this flower is originally from China. It first grew along the coast of southern China and became popular throughout Europe. In more modern history, the hibiscus plant was transplanted to the Hawaiian Islands. Today, you can find hibiscus growing and for sale almost anywhere in the world, including Georgia.

Culinary Uses

Unlike many other species of flowers, the hibiscus flower is completely edible. The petals of this flower have a taste similar to citrus. These flowers can be used to make or enhance so many different drinks and dishes. Hibiscus flowers are very commonly used to make hibiscus tea but can also be used in bread, muffins, tacos, cocktails, and more.


It’s common, when you see fresh flowers, to lean over and smell them. While roses have a very specific scent, for example, the hibiscus flower doesn’t have a scent at all. Many people that are sensitive to floral scents appreciate that they can have fresh hibiscus flowers at home, without a bothersome scent.

Variety of Colors

When hibiscus flowers are depicted in art or designs, they are often displayed in pink. While the flowers to bloom in pink, they also bloom in yellow, white, blue, orange, purple, and red. The wide variety of colors of the hibiscus makes them perfect for bouquets, arrangements, and decorations. These flowers can match with almost anything!

Hawaiian Tradition

Hibiscus is the key element of a long-standing Hawaiian tradition. In the Hawaiian Islands, the hibiscus flower worn a certain way is used to signify whether or not a woman is receptive to potential companions. If the hibiscus flower is worn behind the right ear, it means the woman is looking for a significant other. If the hibiscus flower is worn behind the left ear, it means the woman is married or not looking for a companion.

Hibiscus has a very interesting history. Learning a little bit more about this bright plant might even help you appreciate hibiscus in Georgia a bit more.

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