Hippies were a subgroup of the 60’s culture. This particular group were rebellious against capitalist society. They generated an influential dress reform movement. Their dressing style and lifestyle was so outrageous and anomalous that it was impossible to ignore them. Their clothes were comfortable yet sensual.

Their dressing went on to be labelled as ‘anti-fashion’. It was pretty basic whilst being dramatic. They adorned their hair with flowers and painted their bodies and faces with peace symbols. The Hippie fashion was popular until late 70s and after which it saw a downfall. Nevertheless, since mid 1980s it’s been one of favourite styles of famous designers owing to its creativity and uniqueness.

Dress Up Like Hippies:

Hippies loved flaunting their individuality. In fact, many of them regret not belonging to that quirky era of bell-bottoms, gypsy skirts, fringed vests, long flowing dresses and pheasant blouses. It is never too late to try their fashion choices. Try out these hippie fashion looks and channel your inner-hippie.

Hair: Their hairdo was distinctive and easy to replicate. All you need is a fabulous afro wig. Another popular hairstyle was long locks. Be it straight or curly hair with braids, plaits or none, hippies never missed an opportunity to show off their long tresses.

Headwear: Pluck some pretty flowers and wear them with your wig. You could alternatively wear a braided leather or suede headband.

Footwear: Kitten heels replaced stilettos. Flat knee boots gained popularity and was paired with dresses and skirts. Women turned to ballerina flats, sling-backs and Mary Janes.

Popular hippie necklines:

  • Boat or Bateau: The neckline sits on the collarbone and is usually higher than the normal one. They were seen on casual blouses and mini dresses.
  • Square: Square necklines accompanied by dresses or blouses with long voluminous sleeves and a pendant neck were one peculiar style.
  • Funnel: A polished look was achieved by much higher necklines. The skirts crept further upwards. You can also alternatively try the Asian style Nehru collar.
  • Rounded or Jewel: The traditional neckline was popular among those who stuck to stitching their dresses. Round neck dresses were made from whimsical or geometric fabrics.
  • Sweetheart: This heart-shaped neckline was seen in long formal black and white dresses and pique, woolen, stiff cotton and crepe blouses.
  • V-Back: A V-back dress with a doubt-breasted collarless look in the front which originated in the 60’s never went out of style.
  • Plunging: V-shaped, U-shaped, asymmetrical necklines were popular. The necklines got deeper as skirts got shorter.

Bold Prints: Hippie fashion included bold prints especially floral ones. Take one floral piece like a skirt and pair with a neutral colored shirt.

Bell bottoms: It would be flattering if you pair flared pants the right way. Wear a body hugging tucked-in Tee with heels.

Fringes: Hippies incorporated fringes in pants, vests and jackets. If you want to tone it a bit down, opt for a graphic tote bag with fringes.

Check the vast selection of options available once.  Getting the perfect hippie look isn’t hard. Remember less is more for achieving the 60s look.

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