Have you applied for LGV theory test paper? Then read this write up which will give a comprehensive guide with all the necessary information that you need to ensure you can clear in your 1st-attempt.

The LGV theory test online consists of 2 parts:

  • Part 1a will have multiple-choice
  • Part 1b will consist of hazard perception test.

Both parts are taken separately if you like, but you have to pass both tests within 2 years to clear it.

How much you have to pay for LGV theory test?

Cost of part 1a test is £26 and for Part 1b will cost £11.

What will happen on LGV theory test in Part 1a?

First you will be explained how does it work? You will be provided time to do practice, so that you know how it will go, and after which the real test will start.

Questions will appear on the screen with several possible options for answers and you must choose the correct answer.

Few questions may also have more than one correct answer too. There will be 100 questions to be solved in 115 minutes.

What is the passing mark for LGV theory test?

Pass mark for part 1a is 85 marks out of 100, so, you need to prepare well.

There are plenty of model test papers that you can find online and you need to do enough practice in order to prepare yourself well for appearing for this test.

What will happen on LGV test for hazard perception?

It is the test 1b, where you will see short video clips that show how hazard perception test will work.

There will be 19 video clips related to everyday road scenes which will be shown to you where there will be minimum one developing hazard and you need to click each of the hazard.

What is the passing mark for hazard perception test?

Pass mark for test 1b i.e. hazard perception test is 67 marks out of 100.

What will happen after LGV Theory Test?

Your result of the test will be intimated to you by member of test centre staff whether you have cleared or not. You will also be given feedback where you have answered incorrectly.

What will happen if you clear the theory test?

You will get a certificate if you pass both part 1a and b and this certificate number you need to quote while you book yourself for practical driving test.

What will happen if you fail LGV theory test?

In case, you fail then you will be informed about the reasons why you failed, and you need to reappear for the test.

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